Digital Literacy Module 1 Reflection

It sure is difficult to try new things.

Over the past two weeks I have attempted to stretch myself digitally. Now, I’ve used various digital formats with my students and I am somewhat literate in digital literacy, but I’ve mostly relied on what my students know and how quickly they can learn. I always find it frustrating to accomplish anything in the digital realm. It always takes me twice as long as I expect to do even minor tasks, and the past two weeks were no exception. Even the simplest task, such as creating a meme, took much longer than expected to figure out. I assume that some of this will get easier as we progress through the class, but some things will take even longer as I try more difficult and complicated tasks.

One of my favorite parts of the past two weeks was the discussion with my House Lannister group regarding the Awakening to the Hero’s Journey in Teaching and Learning article by Christopher Uhl and Greg Lankenau. The discussions started in the article but quickly moved to the classroom. I loved the dialogue about how to implement some of the ideas about sending students on their own hero’s journey, and I will actually take away some ideas from those discussions. I also loved the creative introductions from everyone via Flipgrid. What a fun way to get to know people!

So, I started with what I expected to be a cautious Daily Create by creating a 3D vibrating picture from an old photo, but I could not figure out how to upload it to Twitter without just showing the link. So, I created a meme instead, and in figuring out how to upload that (it must happen directly from Twitter instead of sharing with Twitter) I figured out how to do it. Alas, I never uploaded the old-timey photo, as it was not original enough. My favorite product was the Future Product Challenge. I chose a future education implant and had a blast making the poster for it.

All in all, it was a very satisfying couple of weeks. I feel like I took a tiny step toward an online presence with digital literacy.


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