INTE5340 Module 3 Reflection

So, this module was much smoother than the previous one. I definitely had fewer troubles with interconnectivity. All the downloading, creating, and uploading seemed to actually work together without too much problem solving and working through intermediary apps and software. I was able to be silly and political, and certainly learned more about the ability to connect through and create through the webosphere via different media, bringing disparate people together for a specific purpose.

I really enjoyed the discussion on the article, Social Creativity: Making All Voices Heard (Fischer, 2005). I appreciate the premise that creativity can be achieved through a group setting when each participant brings his or her own skills and understandings to a problem. Each person does not need to be inherently creative, just knowledgeable and open-minded. Our discussion about the fluidity of creation in a group and how we can incorporate that into a classroom was important and enlightening, if only just a beginning. I love the idea of creating something, or accomplishing a task with students from different schools. Now, to just figure out how that can happen.

I’m loving where The Lonely Orphan story is going. Everyone has added such great chapters. Honestly, I hadn’t paid attention to the story until I decided to add something to it, so I was very impressed and excited with what was happening there. Amy, Amber, and Allie set up a great opening, introducing the protagonist and setting the plot, and Leyna opened the story up with her gypsy and book breadcrumbs. And now that Henry can fly, the Mad Masker doesn’t stand a chance. I have since shared it with my class and I am considering creating something like this within my classroom. I have to figure out if Flipgrid can work in a middle school classroom, however. If not, I will find other ways.

This leads directly to my biggest stretch and most fun project to date: the Mad Masker video.

Technically, once I found the proper app, the video was fairly easy to make. My stretch came from creating a part to the story. I definitely felt that an antagonist needed to be introduced, so I set about writing a script. I really enjoyed playing the bumbling villain—and loved that my daughter agreed to play my sidekick—but I am not one to act in front of a camera. Luckily, I found the wrestling mask.

I had a lot of fun with apps during this module. I used Cartoonatic to create the Mad Masker video, I used CaptionMeme to respond to #tdc2090 Fabricate

I used Boomerang to respond to #tdc2086 Take Tall Pictures!

Even though they were all apps, they were different media and they all required a different understanding of how to use them. I also finally used SoundCloud to say a long and funny word.

I knew I would be using it at some point, but something stopped me. Maybe it’s how much I dislike the sound of my recorded voice. Finally, I was able to use one of my photos in a creative way, making the shadow of a tree turn into an oil geyser.

I've Struck Oil

I also enjoyed discussing the Digital Youth Network with Kelly and Laura.

I’m glad someone grasped the idea that students learn and create a great deal outside of school if given the opportunity. DYN took this knowledge and created a project to empower kids to grow and learn on their terms, with the option to become experts, and even to make money. I also found it very powerful that the DYN built a connection with so many local companies and groups through the Chicago City of Learning site. They creatively incorporate various activities the students could participate in—created by many entities around the city—and award digital badges for participating in or working through various activities. The entire project is a wonderful example of what a community can accomplish through digital means.



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